Disop and contact lens care

Disop is a laboratory that produces eye care and contact lens care solutions.

Contact lenses are an extremely practical solution to sight problems, providing the wearer with a great sense of freedom, but they need to be looked after. Using the right products to care for and preserve contact lenses is often the key to making them safe and comfortable to use. At Disop, we produce those contact lens care solutions.

Disop and eye care

Eye care is also a priority at Disop. That is why we offer professionals a broad range of products to ease problems such as mild and moderate dry eye syndrome. Our variety of solutions includes moisturizing drops, liposomal spray, eye baths and more, allowing specialists to choose the best option for each patient.

At Disop, we love to be creative

Our innovative spirit means we enjoy discovering new and interesting breakthroughs in the sector. We are curious and passionate, and that is the driving force for our innovation.

Gaining your trust drop by drop

This is what we do best at Disop, after decades creating liquids for contact lens care and eye health with practically no customer claims at all.

We take pride in doing things right. The quality of our products is what keeps users coming back.