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Apple-scented eyeglass cleaner
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Fruit- smelling freshness for eyeglass lens cleaning. Thanks to its “no- alcohol” formula is suitable for cleaning all types of eyeglass lenses.
Technical characteristics:
Formula with a high degree of de-greasing power.
Does not contain alcohol, which means that it can be used even on polycarbonate lenses.
Micro-sprayer diffuser to apply the exact amount.
Exclusive design that facilitates complete cleaning (cloth included in the package).
Micro-fiber cloth to pick up and absorb dirt without leaving residue.
Ventilation grating in the cover to allow the cloth to dry properly.
Three fresh and attractive aromas: apple, strawberry and lemon .
Proper cleaning of eyeglass lenses guaranteed.
Non- aggressive product.
Pocket size, easy to carry.
Varied product line for all users.
  20 ml
No-alcohol Eyeglass Lens Cleaner