Is caring for contact lenses a type of treatment?

Yes, because contact lenses spend hours on the eye interacting with the ocular surface. Contact lens care should be very specific according to the type of eye, wearer and lens.

Did you know that in Europe only 3% of the population aged 15 to 64 wears contact lenses?

According to information by Euromcontact (A Comparison of European Soft Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2015), the number of contact lens users in this age range is considerably higher in Scandinavian countries (Sweden 14%, Denmark and Norway 12%).

In the UK, France and Italy, that percentage ranges from 5% to 8%.

Germany and Spain have a low penetration rate in this segment of the population, with roughly 4%.

Is multi-purpose solution a more efficient disinfectant than a peroxide system?

Without doubt, the most efficient method for cleaning contact lenses is the peroxide 3% system with a neutralising tablet. This system amply exceeds the established disinfection standards and is a much more powerful disinfectant than any multi-purpose solution. Both disinfect, but peroxide has a much stronger disinfectant capacity.